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Why Choose Oxy-Gen Powered Shield

It can be incredibly difficult to keep restrooms looking clean, smelling fresh and well stocked, especially in high-traffic public buildings, but using the right products can make a big difference in deterring vandalism and theft.

Ideal for facilities at high risk of vandalism:

Schools and colleges Sports stadiums and
concert arenas Retail parks and shopping
malls Transport terminals
Schools and colleges Sports stadiums and
concert arenas
Retail parks and shopping
Transport terminals

Shield Anti-Vandal Air Freshening and Odour Control System delivers and protects restroom freshness continously:
Strong & Tough

Made of robust stainless steel, Shield is designed and engineered to be strong and tough enough to withstand acts of vandalism or tampering

Oxy-Gen Powered technology is clean, reliable and more Eco-friendly, with no harmful propellants and emissions


60+ Day consistent and continuous
fragrance intensity and odour control

Great looking Dispensers

in a choice of colours that will blend into any room design

Dispenser-Black Dispenser-Black Dispenser-Black Dispenser-Black Dispenser-Black

Continuous, consistent
ambient fragrance

Oxy-Gen Powered refills outperform all other air care systems. As the chart shows, Oxy-Gen Powered fragrances retain their intensity at a consistent level throughout the refill life, with the intensity only beginning to fade after 60 days. This is a marked improvement over metered, gels and liquid products.

The fragrance oil contains only pure concentrated fragrance oil with odour neutralisers. They are emission and propellantfree which makes them more eco-friendly than any other automated or continuous air freshening system.

What's more, the system works whatever the climatic conditions in the room and is not affected by temperature or humidity in the room.


! Refills are compliant with

  • Californian Air Resources Board(CARB)
  • European Regulations
    and are also exempt from Swiss VOC taxes
lady "The first thing I noticed when I walked in the room was the fantastic scent."
Shield Fragrances -

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