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Viva!E The World's First Oxy-Gen Powered Air Freshness System
New Fragrances
                60-day Air Care System

Super easy - just 'load-n-go'

Air Care System

Lets you choose your preferred fragrance intensity



5 Reasons why Oxy-Gen Powered Viva!E delivers intense continuous fragrance
Pure modern fragrance oils that customers, tenants and visitors will notice and love

Consistent and continuous ambient fragrance that improves the customer experience because it is available all the time, any time. Each fragrance oil has been carefully selected because of its intensity and strength when delivered in continuous minute doses
Contains NeutraLox™, a proprietary odour neutraliser that eliminates, rather than masks, unpleasant odours

Oxy-Gen air fresheners don't just cover up unpleasant odours, they eliminate them. NeutraLox controls unpleasant odours leaving the intense fragrance to permeate throughout the room
Continuous, long lasting, intense fragrance throughout the refill life

Refills last for 30 or 60 days, depending on the model and setting. Oxy-Gen fragrance intensity on the 30-day setting is the equivalent to 3 aerosols spraying every 5 minutes!
Operates reliably whatever the room temperature or air-flow

Oxy-Gen systems are extremely easy to install and operate. The system offers discreet, reliable operation that is not susceptible to temperature fluctuations, humidity or altitude (this can affect some gravity-fed systems that are available in the market).
Clean power technology that's best for the environment

Oxy-Gen provides a new level of evironmental care by using clean power technology, reducing waste and improving transport and storage safety without compromising air freshening performance. Oxy-Gen systems don't contain any propellants which may contain toxic pollutants and allergens - just pure fragrance oil and odour neutralisers. They don't emit any harmful or volatile gases and have low VOCs

Green Technology