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60-Day Air Care

Step 1

Choose your dispenser colour

Step 2

Choose your fragrance

Step 3

Enjoy continuous air freshness

Why Choose Oxy-Gen Powered Viva!E

The world's most environmentally-friendly air freshening system, providing real and tangible environmental benefits summarised as less waste, no harmful emissions.


Continuous, consistent
ambient fragrance

Viva!E outperforms all other air care systems. The fragrance from metered aerosol systems is initially strong but fades quickly between each spray. Fragrance from gels and liquid products evaporate quickly because they are designed to be open to the environment. The performance of passive systems that rely on gravity to disperse fragrance, and other active continuous fragrancing systems, depends largely on the environmental conditions and is not guaranteed to work every time, all the time. With Viva!E the fragrance intensity is consistent and continuous throughout the refill life.
The dispenser gives everyday fresheness continously for 60 days.


Simple to install


Great looking dispensers
in a choice of colours that will blend into any room design
Simple to install and fit on the wall - it really does only take 1 minute

! Refills are compliant with

  • Californian Air Resources Board(CARB)
  • European Regulations
    and are also exempt from Swiss VOC taxes
lady "The first thing I noticed when I walked in the room was the fantastic scent."
Viva!E Fragrances -

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Air Freshness Brochure

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