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Oxy-Gen Powered air freshening innovation launched at ISSA Interclean
- May 2012

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The new Viva! E is the world's most environmentally friendly, continuous fragrance and odour control system being launched at the ISSA by Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd (FDT).


Viva! E uses the patented 'Oxy-Gen Powered technology which provides real and tangible environmental benefits with less waste and no harmful emissions. This emission-free technology generates oxygen constantly and continuously to release accurate doses of pure fragrance oil. The product does not emit any harmful or volatile gases and propellants into the environment as it is not an aerosol can.


Since the power source and oxygen generator is housed in the dispenser, the fragrance refill is fully recyclable after its usage of 30 or 60 days. The refill contains only pure, concentrated fragrance oil with Neutralox, a proprietary odour neutraliser. No other continuous fragrance and odour control product uses oxygen as a delivery medium. This is a significant improvement that will meet newly emerging needs and open up new air care markets claims the UAE-based manufacturer, Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd.


FDT's Managing Director, Hydros Jassem, explains, "Businesses and facility managers are waking up to the fact that visitors, tenants and employees want a better environment while solving odour problems. Viva! E is creating an increased demand for commercial air freshness in areas such as hotel guest rooms, offices, conference and meeting rooms as well as washroom facilities. Oxy-Gen Powered air fresheners improves the customer experience because the fragrance is present all the time. The compact size, silent operation and designer look of the dispenser lends itself to high image public areas. The technology behind the product gives it improved performance because it is not susceptible to temperature fluctuations, humidity or, in the case of gravity-fed system, altitude. It provides a new level of environmental care by using clean power technology, reducing waste and improving transport and storage safety."


Viva! E comes with a choice of five fragrances of different intensities and a range of dispenser colour options. The dispenser comes with a 5-year guarantee and operates with 2 AA alkaline batteries, which last for up to 1 year when running continuously. There are two fragrance intensity settings according to user preferences, 30 or 60 days. LEDs notify when batteries or the refill needs replacing.


Find out more - Visit Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd at ISSA Interclean stand 11.216



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