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Oxy-Gen Powered air freshening innovation launched at ISSA Interclean
- October 2012

Oxy-Gen Powered enters ISSA Innovation Award


The Viva!E Air Freshener system and an extended range of fragrance refills will be showcased at the ISSA Convention in Chicago on 16-19 October 2012, and has been entered in to the exhibition’s Innovation Award under the ‘Supplies’ category.


The product, which has taken seven years to develop, is a new solution for restroom facility providers wanting a guaranteed continuous fragrance to reinforce users’ perceptions that the restroom facilities are clean, safe and hygienic.


Oxy-Gen Powered technology overcomes several shortcomings of current air care systems with key points of difference and improvement being


  • The fragrance from metered aerosol systems, though initially strong for a very short while, rarely lingers long enough to last between each spray.
  • Fragrance from products that rely on air-flow, like gels and liquids with an in-built fan, evaporates quickly because they are designed to be open to the environment.
  • The performance of passive systems that rely on gravity to disperse fragrance, and other active continuous fragrancing systems, depends largely on the environmental conditions and is not guaranteed to work every time, all the time.


The product comes with compelling environmental claims. It meets US and European safety standards and regulations and is in the process of getting environmental accreditation. The emission-free technology can reduce the amount of VOCs emitted by aerosol cans by up to 90%. The fully recyclable refill contains only pure, concentrated California (CARB) compliant fragrance oil – around 6 times more than most aerosol refills - and a proprietary odor neutralizer Neutralox™. All plastic parts can be disposed of in a recycling bin after use and although the system uses two AA batteries, these guarantee a continuous and constant fragrance level throughout the 30 or 60 day refill cycle.


Hydros Jassem, told us, “Oxy-Gen Powered air fresheners improve the customer experience because the fragrance is noticeably present all the time. We have received fantastic feedback on the quality, strength and longevity of the fragrances and FDT now owns several worldwide intellectual property patents and pending patent applications for the development of further devices to deliver odor eliminators, sanitizers, disinfectants, cleaners and drain maintainers for the Away From Home market.”


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Vivist Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd at ISSA North America, International Pavilion, Booth 208.



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